Tate Nurkin

Tate Nurkin is the founder of OTH Intelligence Group, a company established in February 2018. OTH provides bespoke research, analysis, and advisory services examining China-U.S. competition and intersections between emerging defense technologies, future military capabilities, and the global defense industry. Tate has over 20 years’ experience providing in-depth research and analysis, scenario planning, red teaming, and wargaming support to defense and security community organizations in the United States and allied and partner countries.

In addition to leading OTH, Tate is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council and a Partner with One Defense, a firm established to help defense and security communities better identify and gain access to emerging technologies developed outside of traditional defense industrial bases. From 2014 – 2016, Tate was a member of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Agenda Council on Nuclear Security and from 2016 – 2018 served on the WEF’s Future Council on International Security. Since 2016 he has been a Guest Lecturer with the Long-Term Strategy Program at the U.S. National Defense University.

Prior to founding OTH, he spent 12 years at Jane’s by IHS Markit. He also previously worked for Booz Allen Hamilton’s Modelling, Simulation, Wargaming and Analysis team, the Strategic Assessment Center of SAIC, and Joint Management Services, a small business dedicated to analysis of military-technological competition.

He holds a B.A. from Duke University and an M.S. in International Affairs from the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at the Georgia Institute of Technology.