Hassan Al Hosani

CEO, Bayanat (G42)

Hasan Al Hosani is a technology and business leader with over 20 years of experience. As the CEO of Bayanat, Hasan spearheads the development of the Company’s expansion into the Geospatial AI domain. In keeping with Bayanat’s ambitious business strategy, he oversees product and service portfolio performance whilst unlocking compelling opportunities in high-growth attractive markets.

Prior to joining Bayanat, Hasan was a key contributor to G42’s strategic growth, working with the merger and acquisition team, where he played an instrumental role in the Company’s transition from EDIC to G42.

In 2016, Hasan co-founded SECUIRA, delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to both the public and the private sectors, and marketing and consulting services to international firms looking to enter the UAE market for Smart Cities, AI, and Big Data. Four years later, SECURIA had achieved a clear market leadership position, becoming one of the most respected and sought-after security consultation firms in the GCC region.

Previously, Hasan was a founding member of the Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Center (ADMCC), a national security firm providing management and regulation of the UAE’s monitoring and control systems, and critical analysis of data. During his tenure with ADMCC, he served as a Member of the MCC Executive Committee, and Head of the MCC Standards and Practices Committee.

Hasan also served in various leadership positions with Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS/ATS), where he oversaw the successful deployment of Abu Dhabi’s multi-billion-dirham Smart City Solution. Hasan holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Electrical / Electronic Engineering, and is currently working towards his PhD.