G42 is a fast-growing, Abu Dhabi-based technology holding company and global leader in creating visionary artificial intelligence. Through its portfolio companies, G42 offers AI-powered end-to-end services and products to its customers in the public and private sectors. In the defense industry, G42 leverages the power of its ecosystem to deliver solutions, including those from Bayanat, a cutting-edge, AI-powered geospatial solution,, a premier AI-driven big data analytics company, and G42 Cloud, the leading sovereign cloud provider in the region.

Bayanat, an ADX listed public company with a majority shareholding by G42, specializes in AI-powered geospatial solutions. Bayanat’s range of offerings comprises topographic, hydrographic, and aeronautical products and charts, along with services related to spatial data surveying, analysis, management, modeling, visualization, and cartography. These solutions utilize unique data from sources such as High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) and Earth Observation powered by AI to drive geospatial intelligence (gIQ). By harnessing those deep technologies and advanced analytics capabilities, Bayanat empowers entities and defense personnel to carry out their operations with greater safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.